The Physical Performance Show: (Expert Edition) Dr Christopher Vertullo – Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon

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Episode 86: Dr Chris Vertullo – Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon

Listen in as Brad Beer sits down with Dr Chris Vertullo for an expert edition of The Physical Performance Show. Dr Vertullo has been a specialist orthopaedic surgeon for 16 years. Every year he performs over a thousand knee procedures and is involved in treating elite athletes and professional sports teams. Dr Vertullo specialises in complex ACL & PCL reconstructions,  computer navigated total and revision surgery, minimal incision rapid recovery total & partial knee replacement, meniscal repair & preserving arthroscopy, advanced arthroscopic joint resurfacing/ cartilage restoration.

Dr Vertullo shares insightful information around knee health, osetoarthritis, ACL injuries and the 3 stages of Bone Marrow Oedema. Dr Vertullo also shares his top tips for preventing and dealing with knee pain.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Knee Health
  • Sports injuries
  • Age and knee injuries
  • Future trends in knee health
  • Surgical trends in knee health
  • PRP injections
  • 3D imaging technology
  • Optimal weight to avoid knee pain
  • Joint replacement advancements
  • Advancements in rehabilitation
  • Dr Vertullo’s 3 tips to avoid knee pain

To follow Dr Vertullo:

Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Centre

Assoc Prof Griffith University Centre for MSK Research
Assoc Prof Bond University

Show Notes:


Footy First (AFL)



00:00:55 Introduction to episode #86 Dr Chris Vertullo

00:03:23 Start of interview

00:04:20 How Dr Vertullo became a knee specialist

00:07:40 A typical week in Dr Vertullo’s life

00:08:23 Dr Chris as a cyclist

00:11:23 Why peoples knees age research insights

00:14:03 Navigating weight loss for knee pain

00:15:15 Exercises for sore knees

00:17:35 National Youth Sports Injury Prevention Program

00:23:00 Why Chris is passionate about youth knee health

00:24:30 Why knee injuries and pain is more prevalent in young people today

00:28:03 Meniscus and cartilage injuries

00:33:09 Joint replacement advancements in the past 2 decades

00:39:09 Advancements in rehabilitation from surgery

00:41:20 The Goldilocks point

00:42:15 Knees and running

00:44:00 Bone Marrow Oedema – 3 categories

00:46:55 PFP knee pain tips and treatment options

00:52:20 Flashback to last week’s episode

00:53:39 resume interview with Dr Vertullo

00:54:10 Understanding stem cells

00:55:35 PRP injections

01:01:15 3D printing for knee replacement

01:02:30 Dr Vertullo’s 3 tips

01:05:10 Dr Vertullo’s Physical Challenge

01:05:30 Where to find Dr Vertullo

01:06:11 Close

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