Complete your injury rehabilitation & cross your Physio Finish Line®.

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We understand how it feels to be frustrated by injury

When you are unable to do the physical things that you enjoy, feelings of frustration, anxiety, and even fear are normal.

Save Money

Enjoy certainty of spend, and receive great value with our fixed fee service options.

Get Further Faster

Enjoy reduced rehabilitation time frames as a result of accessing the treatment you can most benefit from.

Discover Your Best Performance

Enjoy being at your physical best and doing what you love courtesy of access to services and gold standard care.

Complete your rehabilitation.

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Happy Clients

We want everyone who walks through the doors of POGO Physio to cross their Physio Finish Line.
That’s where we high five you and celebrate that you are back to your physical best having completed your rehabilitation.

We do not want to see you for a single session more than what you need in order to get back to your physical best.

Book your initial appointment

 Get off to the best start possible with your rehabilitation.
We spend 60mins with you to thoroughly assess and diagnose your injury, understand your goals, and commence immediate and effective treatment. .

Save money & recover faster

We understand that physio is not ‘cheap’.

That is why in addition to ‘session-to-session’ pay as you go appointments we offer award winning fixed fee rehabilitation services.

 Session To Session

Monthly Wellness Boosters™

Finish Line® Programs

 12 Week Into Performance

2 Week Fast Track