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Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a major burden for society. Up to 80% of Australian’s will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. Physiotherapy can help diagnose, treat, and prevent the pain.

We are very passionate about helping people overcome back pain. In fact, when senior physio Brad Beer launched the practice in 2006 from Surfers Paradise he called the practice ‘My Back’s Physio’ because at that stage he only wanted to help people who were suffering from back pain.

Fast forward and we have now helped over 7,000 Gold Coast residents with their lower back pain. The key to effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis.

This is why we make your initial appointment a full 60 minutes. It allows us to establish an accurate diagnosis and start your first treatment.

As a result, you can walk away feeling better, with a plan and certainty of both cost and outcome at the end of your appointment.

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Our qualified team is equipped to get you out of pain and rehabilitate a wide range of lower back pain conditions and injuries, including:

  • discogenic lower back pain
  • disc injuries (protrusions, bulges, annulus wall tears, extrusions)
  • sciatica
  • internal disc disruption
  • disc desiccation
  • spondylolisthesis
  • spondylosis
  • osteoarthritic back conditions
  • motor vehicle-related trauma and injuries
  • traumatic injuries
  • workplace lower back injuries
  • strains and sprains
  • spinal canal stenosis
  • stress fractures
  • sacroiliac joint disorders
  • trigger points
  • muscle spasm

Tell us more about your injury

In the meantime, the resources on this page can provide you with insights into how to best manage your lower back pain ahead of receiving physiotherapy.

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