Physiotherapy Media Enquiries

Brad Beer POGO Physio Founder, Physiotherapist, and Amazon Running & Jogging Best-selling Author is a sought after media commentator on topics associated with:

  • The impact of injury on society.
  • Baby Boomer Health Trends
  • Injured Sports Stars
  • Back pain and its causes
  • Tips to avoid back pain
  • Office workers  body survival
  • The industrial athlete
  • Major Sporting Events (Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games)
  • The impact of social trends on health and fitness.
  • The current worldwide running boom and the associated problems and benefits.
  • Running Injuries
  • Injury Prevention
  • Marathon Preparation
  • Debut Marathon Participation;
  • Impact of injury on society;
  • Running Boom
  • The reasons why all Australians should have access to complete and remarkable physiotherapy solutions.
  • The impact of a sedentary population on the physical health of the nation
  • The impact and burden of osteoarthritis on society

Brad is the author of the Amazon Running and Jogging Best-selling book You CAN Run Pain Free!

For interview requests please email Brad- [at] pogophysio [dot] com [dot] au

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Featured in:

  • The Gold Coast Bulletin
  • Run 4 Your Life Magazine
  • 4CRB radio
  • 220 Triathlon Magazine
  • PhysioNetwork
Brad Beer, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Physiotherapist, Media Commentator, and POGO Physio Founder

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