Physiotherapy Media Enquiries

Brad Beer POGO Physio Founder, Physiotherapist, and Amazon Running & Jogging Best-selling Author is a sought after media commentator on topics associated with:

  • The impact of injury on society.
  • Baby Boomer Health Trends
  • Injured Sports Stars
  • Back pain and its causes
  • Tips to avoid back pain
  • Office workers  body survival
  • The industrial athlete
  • Major Sporting Events (Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games)
  • The impact of social trends on health and fitness.
  • The current worldwide running boom and the associated problems and benefits.
  • Running Injuries
  • Injury Prevention
  • Marathon Preparation
  • Debut Marathon Participation;
  • Impact of injury on society;
  • Running Boom
  • The reasons why all Australians should have access to complete and remarkable physiotherapy solutions.
  • The impact of a sedentary population on the physical health of the nation
  • The impact and burden of osteoarthritis on society

Brad is the author of the Amazon Running and Jogging Best-selling book You CAN Run Pain Free!

For interview requests please email Brad- [at] pogophysio [dot] com [dot] au

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Featured in:

  • The Gold Coast Bulletin
  • Run 4 Your Life Magazine
  • 4CRB radio


Brad Beer, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Physiotherapist, Media Commentator, and POGO Physio Founder

Listen to some of Brad’s on air recordings where Brad discusses common societal pain problems and injuries with the media, such as Lower Back Pain and Knee Pain.