Telehealth Online Consultations

Telehealth rehabilitation can be effective for people needing help to get back to their physical best who are geographically not able to attend appointments in person at POGO Physio (Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast).

Our team of physiotherapists routinely conduct telehealth consultations for patients who live:

  • Inside QLD not able to attend POGO Physio or not requiring attending in person. This can include patients who are time poor, outside of a convenient time or distance to commute
  • Interstate within Australia. This can include the following states of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Western Australia
  • Overseas: we have conducted successful telehealth consultations with patients world-wide including but not limited to: New Zealand, United States of America, Switzerland, South Africa, Indonesia, England (UK), Canada, Bulgaria, and more.

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth consultations can be performed on the following platforms:

Is there anything that cannot be performed via telehealth online sessions? 

There are several elements of an in person consultation that cannot be actioned when receiving a telehealth consultation. However in most instances this does not represent a barrier to an effective consultation being delivered.

Manual therapy (hands-on) treatment can also not be conducted remotely.  If a patient will benefit or requires manual therapy it can be sought in the patient’s local area with guidance (if required) from a local provider.

Exercises are demonstrated and prescribed via our exercise prescription software and app TrackActive. Trackactive has viewable videos and photos, as well as detailed commentary on how to complete the exercises with accuracy at home or the gym. See below for an example series of exercises:

Home based exercises:

Gym based exercises:

What conditions can be treated with telehealth online consultations?

There are very few conditions or body regions that cannot be effectively treated with physiotherapy. Successful rehabilitation has been provided for the following conditions to date:

  • lower back pain
  • running injuries
  • patellofemoral pain
  • tendon pathology (tendinopathies, tendon tears)
  • osteoarthritis (hip, knee)
  • shoulder pathology and injuries
  • and more

Can I claim for private health rebates?

Some private health insurers offer rebates for telehealth consultations.

Our administration team will assist in providing you with what you require.

Can I access telehealth services if I am not being funded privately?

Yes you can. The following patients can receive telehealth consultations:

  • Workcover QLD insured workers
  • Medicare Australia GP referred patients with Chronic Disease Management referrals (formally Enhanced Primary Care plans) -bulk billed
  • Department Veteran Affairs patients

Book your telehealth online appointment 

To schedule your initial telehealth consultation you can BOOK ONLINE or email the administration team: including your location and timezone if you are based internationally.

Success Stories

Here are a couple of success stories from POGO Physio clients who telehealth consultations assisted in getting back to their physical best following injury: