About POGO Physio


POGO Physio at Mermaid Waters (formerly My Back’s Physio & Back In Motion Mermaid Waters) is a centrally located and multiple award winning Gold Coast physiotherapy and Pilates practice.

Since practice inception we have helped over 21,000 clients perform at their physical best. We have helped a wide variety of clients enjoy pain-free physical best performance. Our clients include Australian & World Champions, Olympic medalists, sporting legends, mums and dads, workers, weekend warriors, and even touring rock stars.


As a result of all of our experience we have discovered 3 main problems that our clients experience:

  • The FRUSTRATION of the pain that just won’t go away!
  • The ANXIETY that comes with not being able to perform at one’s physical best.
  • The FEAR of not being able to the physical things that one loves to do in life because of pain or injury.

In order to solve our clients problems in a complete and remarkable way we have developed a unique physiotherapy range of services including fixed fee packages aimed at seeing our client’s cross their chosen Finish Line. Our process starts with our Discover Recover™ Session.


We believe that all people deserve access to complete and remarkable physiotherapy services. We believe that all people ought to be able to perform at their physical best so that they can enjoy the physical things that they love to do in life: sports, recreation, and exercise.

Whether it be wanting to recover from injury in order to be able to go on the family skiing trip, pick up your young children, compete in a fun run, or play a round of golf, we understand the frustrations, fears, and disappointments that result from being in pain or being injured and not being able to do what you love at your physical best.

We Understand Your Struggles

We know how frustrating and debilitating being in pain can be. Being in pain and injured can rob you of being able to do the things that you love to do. Moods, relationships, earning capacity, and the enjoyment of life can all be affected when you are burdened by pain and injury. We want to help you beat your pain or injury and get back to your physical best!

Client Success

Since practice inception we have treated over 21,000 clients. Many of our clients travel large distances to see us with clients travelling from the North Coast of NSW, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We look after many of Australia’s most recognised athletes; Olympic, World, and National Champions. We have even looked after rock stars such as Pink Floyd!

POGO Physio has been recognised by the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for our customer service and excellence in physiotherapy and pilates services by being awarded several Excellence Awards. POGO was awarded the ‘Trades, Professions, and Services Awards in 2009, 2011, and 2012, and an award in the Wellness category in 2013.

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