About POGO Physio


POGO Physio (formerly My Back’s Physio & Back In Motion Mermaid Waters) is a centrally located and award-winning Gold Coast physiotherapy and related services practice.

Since practice inception in 2006, we have helped over 50,000 clients get back to their physical best following injury.

Our clients include Australian & World Champions, Olympic medalists, sporting legends, mums and dads, workers, weekend warriors, active children, mature folk and even the occasional touring rock star.


We want everyone who walks through the doors of POGO Physio to complete their rehabilitation, get back to their physical best, and in doing so cross their Physio Finish Line®.

We do not want to see our clients for a session more, or less, than what is required to ensure that our clients get back to their physical best.


We believe that all people deserve to complete their rehabilitation.

We believe that all people ought to be able to perform at their physical best so that they can enjoy the physical things that they love to do in life.

We Understand Your Struggles

We know how frustrating being in pain can be.

We recognise that while the pain of injury can be unpleasant, it is ultimately the frustrations, fears, and anxieties around injury that drive people to seek professional help.

Client Success

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