Danielle De FrancescoAccredited Dietitian

    I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist after graduating from my Bachelor Degree at Griffith University in 2019.

    My whole life I have enjoyed being active. I am a former Australian swim team member from 2009 to 2013, having competed at four world championships in the 5km and 10km open water swimming events. I am currently a professional triathlete, Super League triathlon competitor and cyclist for Specialized Women’s Racing.

    My sporting background adds to my understanding of the importance of optimal nutrition intake for sporting performance and general health. Throughout my sporting career thus far, I have endured injuries and health struggles past and present including stress fractures and reoccurring illnesses. This led me to quickly discover the importance of optimal nutrition in training and racing to stay healthy, injury free, and ultimately reach my full potential as a professional athlete. I am passionate about passing on this knowledge to athletes of all levels who are going through similar frustrations.

    I have been able to practice the skills of commitment, balance, and moderation to achieve my goals, and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with anyone who also wishes to reach their full potential.

    Although I have a special interest in sports nutrition, I also trained as a clinical dietitian, helping patients suffering from chronic illnesses whilst working within GCUH and Logan hospitals. I have also spent a year working with Get Energized Health & Fitness to assist clients in reaching their weight loss and health goals.

    I am very passionate about helping people achieve their highest degree of health and sporting performance whilst providing a holistic approach to nutrition through evidence-based advice.

    Daniel Cavanagh