Daniel CavanaghPodiatrist

    Why did you become a podiatrist?

    We need our feet for every step. Having foot and ankle pain not only hurts but affects our mental health also. Having the opportunity to help people walk and run pain free was my biggest driver to becoming a podiatrist and still is today.

    About Dan:

    Dan grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW and studied his four-year Bachelor of Podiatry degree at Southern Cross University’s Coolangatta campus. Dan’s keen interest in hiking, running, and surfing helps him understand the crucial role the foot and ankle have on balance and performance, thus being a strong advocate for keeping your lower limb strong. Having lived on the Coast for 7 years, Dan can point you to the best waves or walks the Gold Coast has to offer, from beginner to expert.


    Dan loves to keep his patients moving and motivated. He enjoys helping every type of lower limb patient, from treating heel pain to getting the right footwear for the individual.
    Besides that: waves, waterfalls and mountains keep him content.

    Fun fact:

    The feet contain over a quarter of the bones in the entire human body!