Zak Van DartelAccredited Exercise Physiologist

    Why did you become an Exercise Physiologist?
    Being an active and sporty person my whole life, I knew a job in the health industry was calling my name and I wanted to avoid a bland desk job as much as possible. The inspiration first came from a debilitating injury to myself that required long-term rehabilitation to fix and being able to communicate and learn about how the human body works and how my own moves with someone in the EP industry saw me go down the EP pathway. Personally I believe that there is no shortcuts or short-term solutions that can be proven effective over the long-term and EPs focus on these and a multitude of areas for efficient support and planning to an individual. It is therefore satisfying to see the joy and surprise in a client’s expression when they experience a milestone along the rehabilitation journey you take together.

    About Zak:
    Zak grew up on the Central Coast of NSW in a small coastal town of Terrigal and completed his Bachelor’s of Exercise & Sports Science at the University of Sydney. In early 2020, he moved up to the Gold Coast to complete his Master’s of Exercise Physiology over the next 2 years, before joining POGO Physio in late 2022.

    You can find me at the beach in my spare time surfing or training for Surf Ironman racing, but I don’t mind winding down to a good movie or reading comic books (especially Marvel)

    Fun Fact:
    I was born in England during the Mad Cow Disease epidemic and until this year wasn’t eligible/allowed to donate blood.