The key to effective knee pain treatment is an accurate diagnosis. This is why we make your initial appointment 60 minutes. It allows us to establish an accurate diagnosis and start your first treatment.

As a result, you can walk away feeling better, with a plan and certainty of both cost and outcome at the end of your appointment.

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Our qualified team is equipped to get you out of pain and rehabilitate a wide range of knee conditions and injuries, including:

Knee Pain Treatment with a Finish Line®

Your first appointment will give answers to four questions: What’s the injury? What caused it? How long will it take to rehabilitate? How much will it cost?

Our fixed price Finish Line® programs give you certainty around cost and provide you with access to care as often as you need while rehabilitating.

Kickstart your initial appointment by telling us more about your pain or injury right now.

Tell us more about your pain or injury

to get 10% off your appointment

Being in pain can be frustrating and debilitating. As a result, it can rob you of doing the things that you love to do. Furthermore, moods, relationships, earning capacity, and the enjoyment of life can all be affected. This is what motivates our team to help you beat your knee pain and get you back to your physical best!

POGO Physio is a multiple award-winning Gold Coast physiotherapy and Pilates practice. We have helped over 21,000 clients get out of pain and perform at their physical best.

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