5 Things All Runners Must Know About Knee Pain

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We all have knees . Over a lifetime (assuming you live until 80 years old) the average Australian will walk approximately 216,262,500 steps or 108,131 miles. If you run, no doubt you’ll do more, which means preventing knee pain is a key priority for all runners.  In my earlier years as a recreational runner, I have experienced both the heartache of knee pain preventing me from completing my first ever marathon, and also the joy of pain-free running enabling me to achieve my running goals. If you want to run pain-free, you simply cannot afford not to do the following:

1. Check your technique – most knee pain occurs as a result of sub-optimal running technique. A running physio can help you adjust your technique to minimize your risk of knee pain and optimize your running efficiency.

2. Warm up well – a dynamic running warm up goes a long way in getting blood flowing to your running muscles and helps to minimize the risk of knee pain.

3. Strengthen your knee, hip and core stability muscles – simple running strengthening exercises completed 2-3 x week improves local muscle endurance of your running muscles such as your VMO, gluts and core muscles. The strength and endurance of these muscles will go a long way in preventing knee pain.

4. Invest in a full foam roller – full foam rollers are essential for all runners loosening up their running muscles (ITB, quads, hamstring and calf) post running

5. Get the right support team in your corner – Semi-regular physio and massage from your running physio can help prevent knee pain and progress your running plan to help optimise your running performance.

Don’t wait until you have knee pain, prevent it before it happens.


Jacob Taylor (APAM)

POGO Master

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