5 Tips to Help Gold Coast Runners Avoid Injury

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With the Gold Coast Marathon now just 2 days away a local physio is warning runners to not become an injury statistic but rather to spend the last month preparing well.

Many runner’s aspirations of competing are cut short by painful and frustrating injuries. Brad himself an avid runner who has competed in 5 Gold Coast Marathon’s doesn’t believe that injuries should cruel so many runner’s ambitions.

 ‘Unfortunately many runners are unaware of why injuries occur. With even just a little bit of knowledge, it’s possible for runners to boost their chances of beating injuries and to prepare well inside the last month’.

Brad teaches that the same things that help overcome injuries will also help to prevent them from occurring in the final weeks of preparation.

Brad’s offers five tips for avoiding injury:

  1. Be sure to have a rest day. Avoid running every day as this can quickly fatigue the body and heighten injury risk.
  2. Check your shoes. If your shoes are old they are likely not offering your body the protection it needs.
  3. Sleep well. Poor sleep will affect training quality which in turn can lead to sloppy running.
  4. Pay attention to how you run. Contrary to what most runners believe bigger strides are not necessarily better, in fact, shorter strides will reduce injury risk.
  5. Maintain your body. Just like your home your body needs to be maintained. Tight muscles, weak muscle muscles, and stiff joints will heighten the chances of becoming injured.

For those runners looking to improve their technique for next year’s Gold Coast Marathon check out the remaining RUN101 Workshops dates for 2014 https://pogophysio.com.au/run-101-workshops-2014/

Happy Running and Good Luck to those running on the weekend!

Brad Beer (APAM)


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