Running Physio 

Are you an injured and frustrated runner?

Are you losing hope that you will get back to once more enjoy the many benefits that running offers?

If yes our high calibre running focussed physiotherapists can help you: Brad Beer (APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist) & Lewis Craig (B.Physiotherapy).

POGO Physio is known for its success in helping injured runners get back to their physical best. POGO Physio provides world leading rehabilitation for injured runners.

POGO’s lead running physiotherapist Brad Beer is:

  • an Author of the Bestselling ‘You CAN Run Pain Free! Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition’
  • the official Gold Coast Marathon physiotherapy content provider
  • Head Physiotherapist for the International Super League Triathlon Series
  • has worked with some of Australia’s best elite running talent including: Luke Matthews, and Eloise Wellings
  • has worked with some of the world’s best running talent including Zane Robertson and Bernard Lagat.
  • has worked with some of the world’s best triathlon talent including: Alistair and Jonathon Brownlee, Richard Murray, Henri Schoeman, Tim van Berkel, Katie Zaferes, Taylor Spivey, and Vincent Luis.

Specifically Brad’s special areas of interest inside running rehabilitation include:

  • tendinopathy rehabilitation
  • bone stress injuries
  • ITB syndrome
  • masters (>40yrs) runners
  • patellofemoral (kneecap) pain.

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POGO Physio is also home to Lewis Craig: a passionate trail runner, and enthusiastic physiotherapist when it comes to all things running training.  To read some of Lewis’s running injury rehabilitation blogs click HERE>> .

Specifically Lewis’s special areas of interest inside running rehabilitation include:

  • foot and ankle injuries
  •  ITB syndrome
  •  tendon rehabilitation
  •  muscle strain rehabilitation
  • achilles tendon repair post surgical

Our running physiotherapist can help you treat the following regions and conditions:

  • running related lower limb tendinopathies including:
  • achilles tendinopathies
  • achilles tendon tears
  • achilles tendon ruptures
  • proximal hamstring tendinopathies
  • patellar tedinopathies
  • peroneal tendinopathies and tears
  • tibialis posterior tendinopathy and tears
  • tendon paratenonitis
  • patellofemoral pain and pathology
  • knee injuries
  • knee and hip osteoarthritis
  • hip labral tears and pathology
  • femoro-acetablular impingement
  • deep gluteal syndrome
  • shin splints
  • bone stress injuries including: tibia, femoral shaft and neck, sacrum, pubic rami, calcaneus
  • plantar fasciitis
  • foot injuries and problems including:
  • intermetatarsal bursitis
  • fat pad plantar heel pain
  • metatarsal stress reactions and fractures
  • retrocalcaneal bursitis

To learn more about our approach and skill in assisting you to get back to your running click through to:

Brad and Lewis also conduct RUN101 Boutique single day workshops for runners looking to benefit from a running body screening, footwear prescription, home running program, and an introduction to strength and conditioning.

POGO Physio has invested in leading technologies to ensure that your running rehabilitation can benefit from state of the art equipment including:



Here’s a few of the many runners POGO Physio has assisted in getting back to their physical best and once more enjoying injury free running:

To schedule your initial appointment for your running injury you can book online or phone tor email our friendly administration team 07 5572 0133 or