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  •  Have you ever wondered if it is truly possible to run pain- and injury-free?
  • Are you frustrated by a running injury that just won’t go away?
  • Are you feeling lost not knowing what your next step on your recovery from running injury needs to be?
  • Do you yearn for the day that you will be able to enjoy the many benefits that running brings by running pain and injury free?

Sadly, amongst many runners is an inherent yet often unspoken belief that it is not possible to run pain- and injury-free. Many runners believe that if you run further enough and for long enough, injury will be the inevitable result.

In You CAN Run Pain Free! A Physio’s 5 Steps to Enjoying Injury-Free and Faster Running readers discover how to unlock their true running potential.

The 330 pages reveal running physiotherapist Brad Beer’s proven 5 step method for helping runner’s discover injury free running.  These steps have been gleaned from over 9 years of Brad’s physiotherapy experience, and also his personal running and triathlon experience.

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Written by a highly successful physiotherapist and an accomplished triathlete and runner, this book offers runners of all levels hope. Hope that it is indeed possible to run pain and injury free.

This book is written for any runner who:

  • Is seeking to proactively prevent running injuries.

  • Is currently injured and looking to return to running.

  • Has been previously injured and never made a return to running.

  • Is not concerned about running injury prevention or rehabilitation but just wants to run faster!

The 5 steps you will discover inside the pages of You CAN Run Pain Free! are:

Step 1: Discover Your Running Body: Understanding your body’s make up is the foundational step towards your journey towards pain free running.

Step 2: Run With Great Technique: Learn the 5 key principles of great running technique and decrease your injury risk and speed up your running as a result.

Step 3: Navigate the Footwear Maze: The shoe market is more crowded then ever before. In this step you will discover the considerations necessary for making your next shoe purchase.

Step 4: The Importance of Hip Stability: Running with a stable pelvis is critical in unlocking your true  running potential.

Step 5: The Power of Rest: The often neglected but mandatory rest session is explored in detail in this step. This is the ‘glue’ that holds steps 1-4 together in your quest to run pain free!

physio_gold_coast_running_book_brad_beer_pogo_physio The 5 Step Method for enjoying injury free and faster running as shared by Author Brad in You CAN Run Pain Free! (c) 2015 My Back’s Physio Australia Pty Ltd


If you are ready to experience pain and injury free running and to discover your true running potential BUY NOW!

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