We are hiring and looking for the best & brightest

We are a little different in how we do things, and just like dating, we are pretty fussy.

We have found that one of the most important steps in getting to know each other is giving you an insight into what we ‘are like’ as a team and organisation.

If you identify with the below team member traits and you believe you may be a fit with the positions we are looking to fill, we’d love to hear from you.

Team Member Traits

Our team members:

  • like to be challenged (have an aversion to comfort)
  • like to do work that matters
  • insist on having daily fun (if it is not fun we are going home!)
  • love making our client’s day
  • enjoy the challenge of delivering work with excellence
  • have a genuine love for people
  • enjoy sweating five times per week or more
  • Enjoy the pursuit of physical best performance

Our Core Values

We are a values based practice.  Our three core values are:

  1. Be Excellent in Delivery
  2. Make our Customer the Hero
  3. Value What we Do

Our Purpose

We exist to help our clients get back to their physical best following injury.

Our Mission

To help 80% + of our clients complete their rehabilitation and cross their Physio Finish Line®.

Your First Step

If you resonate with the above than apply.

Our application process requires several steps as we believe in taking the time to match the right position with the right applicant. We have learnt that this is best done over a series of steps and not ‘in a rush’.

Your first step is to email Anne Kurkinen with a cover letter and resume:

We look forward to hearing from you.