Session to Session

We know how frustrating it can be to be injured and not at your physical best. Which is why at POGO Physio we want everyone who walks through our doors to complete their rehabilitation as soon as possible and get back to their physical best. We call this the ‘high five moment’ where we celebrate the end of your rehabilitation with you and tell you that you do not need to come back.

We call this crossing your Physio Finish Line®.

In order to get across your Physio Finish Line® we do not wish to see you for a single session more than what you need, or a single session less, we just want to ensure that you get there!
The benefits of crossing your Physio Finish Line are:

  • reduced frustration, anxiety, and fear
  • reduced health care spend on getting the problem ‘fixed’
  • saved time
  • improved quality of life (get back to doing what you love)
  • We want you to finish rehabilitation as soon as you can.

Path from injured to your physio finish line

“We do not want to see you for a single session more than what you need, or a single session less. We just want to ensure you complete your rehabilitation, get back to your physical best, and cross your Physio Finish Line.”

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A note from the POGO Physio founder

Welcome to POGO Physio.

Over the last 17 years we have helped over 42,000 clients get back to their physical best. POGO Physio was founded in 2006 in Surfers Paradise, originally trading as ‘My Back’s Physio’. I was a passionate physiotherapy graduate practising as a then solo therapist. I was eager to see people not be frustrated by the functional limitations & psychological burdens that pain and injury brings.

Years later the same passion that founded the clinic continues to burn. The passion is now shared by a team of dedicated and skilled therapists across a range of different services.  Our service offering has grown beyond physiotherapy to now include: exercise therapy rehabilitation classes, clinical exercise testing, exercise physiology, remedial massage therapy, dietetics, & podiatry.
We recently relocated into this purpose built clinic with state of the art technology and a dedicated strength & conditioning exercise area. We want everyone who walks through the doors of POGO to get back to their physical best and across their Physio Finish Line. We look forward to assisting you cross yours.

Brad Beer (B.Phty, B. Ex Sc , MAPA, MCPA)
APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
Managing Director POGO Physio