Session to Session

While we are known for our industry first and popular fixed fee services (monthly Wellness Boosters™ & Finish Line® Programs) we continue to offer the traditional session to session appointments as well. Following your initial appointment your physiotherapist will help you match your diagnosis and the goals that you have for attending physiotherapy, with the best way for you to get finished with your rehabilitation.

We want you to finish rehabilitation as soon as you can.

Despite the quality outcomes and timeliness for achieving these outcomes with our fixed fee services, session to session (pay as you) appointments remain very popular for many POGO clients. With session to session appointments you can simply pay for your services as you go, and claim your health fund rebates on the spot.

Session to Session (Pay as you go) best suited for:

  • Some injuries (wry neck, dizziness/vertigo, joint irritations of neck or back)
  • Very slow to respond injuries (e.g. long standing tendon problems that can take more than 12 weeks to resolve)
  • Chronic conditions that will not necessarily be resolved in 6 or 12weeks (e.g. frozen shoulder)
  • Osteoarthritis: where no Finish Line® can be crossed. Rather the body must be maintained.
  • Maintenance physiotherapy: preventative care
  • Post Finish Line® ‘check-ups’

Book your initial appointment now to get started on your rehabilitation journey and get across your Physio Finish Line®.