Active Rehab Class

Physiotherapist led small group exercise classes

Small Classes

Our classes have a maximum of only four people

Physio Lead

Supervised and run by physiotherapists

Tailored Programs

Individualised program to perfectly fit your situation

40+ classes per week

We have male and female physiotherapists running our classes

  • You will be told and demonstrated what to do by your physio running the class, so you don’t have to worry about anything
  • We will make sure you have correct form
  • We use reformers, the wunda chair, a trapeze table, weights, bosu balls and all sorts of equipment for your exercises

As physiotherapists, we have found that when our clients perform supervised exercises, they get better results and reach their finish line sooner. The great thing about our classes is that they are a small size, so it is very individualised with close attention on YOU! All of our classes are run by physiotherapists so while we do use pilates equipment and pilates exercises, we have a massive tool box of exercises at our disposal. The main thing is that the exercises you do are all specific to your injury and the goals you are aiming for.

We have male and female physiotherapists running our classes. Our classes are not only for women, we have many males coming to our classes as well. Our clients range from 14 years or age to 84 years of age, and exercises can be very basic all the way to very advanced (depending on what your goals are and what you need).

We have over 40 classes per week so there are classes to fit your schedule.

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