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How POGO does clinical Pilates

Watch our Pilates specialist Emily explain how our clinical pilates classes run at POGO Physio.


Hey everyone Emily from POGO Physio here. I just wanted to do a quick video to tell you all how we do Pilates here. We do out Pilates here on the clinical reformers and we also use the trapeze table. Pilates have a maximum of 4 people in each class and its run by physiotherapists. Your physio will tell you what exercises to do, what springs to be on and we’ll be watching you to make sure you do it perfectly. It doesn’t matter which class you come to because everyone will have their own individualised program because they are coming for their individual rehab. So if you have any questions about our pilates just leave a comment below or shoot us a message. I’d love to answer any questions for you. Thanks guys.

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