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Top tips to get your glute burning

Watch as Emily shares her favourite Pilates exercise and her three top tips for getting the maximum glute burn and best results!


Hey everyone Emily from POGO Physio here. Just wanted to give you a quick tip about one of my favourite exercises on the reformer.

A lot of you would have done scooters before and that’s the one where you are lunging down a little bit and pushing the carriage back and forward with your other leg. With this exercise you should feel it in the glute of the standing leg. Some people who are quad dominant sometimes have a bit of trouble feeling it in their glute.

My top tips to help you feel it in your glute more are to:

  1. Make sure your not locking your knee have a bend in your knee.
  2. Put your foot up the shoulder rest because that makes it unstable meaning this glute needs to stabilise more.
  3. My third tip is to hitch that pushing hip up, that put more weight on the standing leg and makes your glute work harder.

Give those things a try – I can grantee you’ll burn!

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