The Physical Performance Show: Expert Edition: Dr Christian Barton – Patellofemoral ‘knee-cap’ pain

In episode 112 of The Physical Performance Show, Brad Beer has a conversation with Dr Christian Barton – Patellofemoral ‘knee-cap’ pain in this Expert Edition. Dr Christian [...]

Do I need to repair my ruptured ACL?

ACL reconstructive surgery and whether or not to have it is a hot topic in sports medicine right now. Historically, the absence of an ACL following traumatic injury would result in 1) increased [...]

Strength Training for Runners Part 1: A Detailed Look at the Evidence

Strength training has long been overlooked as a key part of a runner’s training. As the evidence base for the value of strength (resistance) training grows, here we examine comprehensively some [...]

Patellar Tendinopathy (Jumper’s Knee)

Introduction Patellar tendinopathy is common in jumping sports such as basketball, volleyball etc. in recognition of its association with jumping, patellar tendinopathy was first described and is [...]