The Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Knee Pain Questions

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Knee Pain

POGO’s Founder and Senior Physiotherapist Brad Beer was recently interviewed by Dr Peter Henier on the 4CRB Health Matters radio program.

Brad provided commentary around the top 10 knee pain questions relating to physiotherapy:

1. How common is knee pain?

2. What are the common knee conditions that people suffer from?

3. What conditions are most common in the younger years?

4. What conditions are most common in the middle years of life?

5. What conditions are most common in the later years of life?

6. What can a physiotherapist do to help knee pain?

7. What does pain with climbing or going down stairs mean?

8. My knee ‘clicks’ is this anything to worry about?

9. What images or scans are of use with knee pain diagnosis and management?

10. When might someone be a candidate for a total knee replacement?

Listen to the interview BELOW.

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