Runners boost performance and reduce your injury risk 

Runners: boost performance and reduce your injury risk through this boutique workshop conducted by running physiotherapists Brad Beer & Lewis Craig.

What is it?

A 6hr workshop full of practical information and skills.

Over the last 10years in excess of 300 runners have benefited from attending a RUN101 Workshop.

In 2019 the Workshop has been revised to include up to date best practices including current best practices for strength and conditioning for endurance runners.

The workshop is a 6 hour workshop led by APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist  and Bestselling Author Brad Beer, and running physiotherapist Lewis Craig.


how to minimise training errors

the key principles of rehabilitation

footwear & orthoses considerations

technique considerations

Do (Practical):

run body screening

run gait assessment (treadmill)

strength assessment

running drills

Strength & conditioning exercises (home & gym)

Q&A time

Who can benefit from a Run 201™ Workshop?

Suitable for runners of all levels: beginners to recreationally competitive.

If you answer YES to any of the below, then attending a RUN 201™ Workshop would assist you with your running goals:

  • Have you ever wondered if it is possible to run injury free?
  • Are you or have you recently been injured?
  • Are you unsure of what exercises you should and should not be doing for your flexibility and strength?
  • Have you wondered if your running technique could be modified to improve the enjoyment of your running, reduce injury risk, or improve your running speed?
  • Are you preparing for an upcoming event?
  • Are you frustrated by that niggle that just won’t go away?
  • Are you stepping up in distance for an event?
  • Are you confused by conflicting pearls of advice offered by well-meaning running colleagues?
  • Are you worried about weight gain and fitness loss due to not being able to run?
  • Are you unsure of what to do next to overcome your injury?
  • Are you experiencing emotional ‘lows’ due to not being able to run?
  • Would you like to better understand how strength training can benefit your running and which exercises you could try?

Learn What Every Runner Needs To Know:

  • the 5 key principles of great running technique
  • the formula for best running performance
  • what individual exercises you need to focus on for your running body to be at its best
  • how to get faster without necessarily needing to train harder
  • how to injury proof your body through good technique
  • how to run more efficiently and not get so easily fatigued
  • how to run hills like a pro
  • how to successfully implement technique changes into your running
  • what you individually need to work on (video analysis)
  • understanding running cadence and how it applies to good technique
  • the role of footwear on running technique
  • the biggest mistakes runners make when it comes to changing their technique
  • what shoes you should buy
  • why strength training is important for runners
  • what strength exercises you would benefit the most from

Run 201™ Workshop timetable

11:00-11:20am         1)Intro, running injuries and contributing factors (Brad Beer, physiotherapist)

11:20-11:40am         2) Running technique principles (Lewis Craig, physiotherapist)

11:40am -12noon     3) Footwear and orthoses considerations (Brad)

12noon-12:30noon  4) Group strength assessment (Lewis and Brad)

Break 12:30-12:45noon

12:45noon-2:00pm  5) Breakout sessions: running body assessment and gait analysis sessions (groups of 5 rotating between Brad & Lewis)

2:00pm-2:45pm  5) Training load management and avoiding training errors (Brad & Lewis)

Break 2:45pm- 3:00pm

3:00-3:45pm           6) Strength Training for Runners practical and theory (Brad and Lewis)

3:45 – 4:15pm          7) Running Drills and technique implementation (Brad, Lewis)

4:15 – 5:00pm          8) Wrap Session Q&A, revision and reflection exercises  (Brad, Lewis)

Brad Beer (POGO Guru) conducted an introduction to Good Running Workshop with the Multisport Magazine Triathlon PINK girls.
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2019 RUN2O1™ Workshop date:

Saturday 23rd November 11:00am- 5pm SOLD OUT


POGO Physio (Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters, Gold Caost) click HERE>> for directions

Maximum Attendance:

Strictly limited to 10 runners per workshop.


$295 per person includes Workshop workbook


This event is now SOLD OUT, please contact to be added to the waitlist for the 2020 workshops which will be announced soon.

Workshop Success Stories 

Here’s what previous Workshop graduates have to say: