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In episode 361 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation around pain with David Butler in this Expert Edition.

David Butler has been a pivotal Physiotherapist figure in the field of pain management since the mid-1980s, with a career spanning clinical practice, research, and education. As the director of the Neuro Orthopedic Institute (NOI), David leads numerous biopsychosocially-based seminars worldwide, educating both practitioners and patients about pain.

David is the author of several key publications:

An honoured member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and an adjunct associate professor at the University of South Australia, David has educated over 50,000 health practitioners globally through NOI and his comprehensive materials.

In this episode, David delves into the intricacies of pain, discussing its mechanisms, significance, and impact on our health and well-being.

To listen to Episode 361:


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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Concept of Pain
  • The threat value of pain
  • Dims and Sims definition
  • Neuro Tags
  • Clever talking therapies
  • David’s explanation to his patients when performing manual therapy
  • Difference between Pain Receptors and Danger Perceptors
  • Top Tip
  • Physical Challenge

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