Bulgarian Split Squat with Lewis

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Bulgarian Split Squat

Check out Lewis’ exercise of the day the Bulgarian Split Squat. This exercise is great for single leg strength and control, perfect for runners. It works a little bit of everything! Low reps for power and high reps for endurance.


Hi guys Lewis here from POGO Physio today with a little exercise to help with our running strength. So today we are doing a Bulgarian split squat. Now what we are going to do is have our back leg on a chair or bench and we are working the stance leg and also be working the hip flexor and your quad strength eccentrically as we go down. Essentially you are lowering from your hips dropping that back knee towards the ground before driving back up through that front leg making sure your maintain good control as you we go. Now to advance we can add dumbbells or a barbell on the back or you can change up the surface of the front leg. The other option is to do it in a running motion. Drop down with your foot coming back up. Have some fun with it guys but aim for 3-8 reps if you’re doing a heavier weight or 3-30 if you are going slow.

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