The Importance of Breathing

 In Exercise and Health

Hey everyone just Emily here from POGO Physio. Just wanted to share a quick bit of info with you guys which I think really can apply to a lot of people and what it is about is breathing. So sometimes when we are exercising we are focusing so hard that we forget to breathe. I’m sure everyone has experienced that before or you might be doing an exercise and you are just unsure when to breathe. So a good rule of thumb that I used when it comes to breathing is to exhale on the effort. For example, if you are getting out of a chair the effort is when you are pushing up through your legs to stand up. So if you are coming up from a squat you want to exhale on the effort as you push away. Or is you are pulling something the hard part is to pull it towards you then inhale as you return to the starting position. Some things can be a little tricky but it’s a pretty good rule of thumb to use and if you exhale when you exercise it helps get the muscles working.


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