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Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are a large muscle group prone to getting tight. These are in a shortened position when sitting, so this is always a great stretch to do. It is also a common tight muscle after a tough run, particularly if you lose ‘good form’ and drop into anterior pelvic tilt. Addressing an anterior pelvic tilt comes back to strength and technique and is something your Physio can help you to strengthen through the correct exercises. This stretch can also help and is not one to be forgotten.


Hey everyone Lewis here from POGO today with an old favourite the hip flexor stretch. A very important stretch for everyone – whether you’re sitting all day or your trying to be active and walk or run we need nice strong hip mobility. So what we are going to do is get into a half kneeling position.

So back knee on the ground a pillow or towel or something underneath it if you have any knee pain and then this other leg at 90 degrees. What we want to do is make sure that we keep our neutral pelvic tilt so we don’t want to tuck forward we want to try and have a nice neutral pelvis and really try and engage that glute so when we lean into it we feel it at the front and we’re not cheating and just slumping forward. That should ensure we get a nice strong stretch through our hip flexor.

Now if we want to improve our range we really need to hold it for towards 2 minutes for a longer stretch. Have fun with it guys – enjoy the stretch!

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