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Lewis’ tight calf tips

My favourite way to target a tight calf! If your calves are feeling sore but you can’t quite tackle it on the roller here’s a great way to help roll with great pressure.

⚠️ A word of warning if your calves continually get sore, this will help your calf but likely won’t ‘fix’ what the cause of soreness is (such as weakness, sudden spike in load ect).

Enjoy!! 😎


Hey guys Lewis here from POGO. You might have seen Brad a share a great way to roll your calves. Heres a little bit of a progression from it to help you get into your calves. Calves are a muscle that get tight for runners – maybe because they are weak or maybe because they are a bit fatigued.  So if you’re sick of rolling like so not feeling like you get the power you need to really squash your calf then one of the best ways to get in there is to simple sit on it and squash your calf. This can be a little bit annoying though – although great. So find your local broom handle sometime around your kitchen and you can simply use your hands and your bodyweight and roll backwards and forwards. Maybe put a bit of sorbolel on your calves. A great way to get stuck into your calves – give it a go guys.


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