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Episode 92: Lionel Sanders- Professional Triathlete & 2017 ITU Long Course Triathlon Champion

In episode 92 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer has a chat with Lionel Sanders. Lionel had a strong interest in basketball and running before stopping his sporting pursuits towards the end of high school where he got sidetracked and tried to find himself in alcohol and drugs. After a number of years where Lionel suffered depression he started running again on November the 2009. After one month of running Lionel was still not happy with his running and decided to enter Ironman Louisville and committed himself to training over the next 10 months prior to racing his first Ironman. This led to Lionel devoting himself to improving his swimming, biking and running over the next three years before racing his first professional Ironman on September the 2013 and taking the win. Since then Lionel has experienced many highs, lows and lessons in racing and training and has become one of the strongest Triathletes in the world. In 2017  he won the ITU Long Course World Championships Triathlon and finished in 2nd place at the World Ironman Championships nearly breaking the course record. Lionel is an incredible athlete who’s mindset sets him apart from his competitors.  Tune in to hear all about Lionel’s background in sport, what drove him to start Triathlon just 9 years ago and what has been his driving force to become one of the strongest Triathletes in the world.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Lionel’s favourite quote
  • Lionel’s mindset in racing and training
  • Lionel’s journey to Triathlon
  • Lionel’s first Ironman
  • Lionel’s 2017 Kona Race
  • Mistakes in training you can learn from
  • Performance Round
  • Lionel’s Mantra
  • Lionel’s Best Advice


“I believe there are only limits that are imposed in the mind”
“There was no mental energy other then left foot, right foot, left foot” – Kona 2017
“As hard as you train, you need to recover just as hard, because that’s the only time you’re improving”
“Make your hard training really hard and your easy training really easy”
“Find out what truly motivates you”
“Be patient. Be wise. Be ruthless” – Mantra

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00:00:58 Introduction

00:4:27 Start of interview

00:7:20 Unpacking his favourite quote

00:09:35 Talking about physical limits

00:11:00 The significant supporters in Lionel’s life

00:16:00 When Lionel Sanders found his self belief

00:18:05 Lionel’s journey to Triathlon

00:21:50 Lionel’s first Ironman

00:23:40 Lionel’s Mum and her involvement in running

00:27:35 Finishing Kona 2017

00:28:50 Show break

00:30:19 Kona 2017 challenges and nutrition

00:34:50 Lionel’s mindset at Kona

00:37:00 The finish line at Kona

00:38:40 Mistakes in preparing for Ironman

00:43:00 Listening to your body

00:45:25 Performance Round

00:53:18 Show break

00:54:40 Back to Performance Round

01:00:00 Lionel’s desire to push himself

01:02:50 Lionel Sanders best advice

01:04:40 Lionel’s Dinner Table

01:05:45 Lionel’s Physical Challenge

01:10:28 End of interview

01:15:34 End of show

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