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Episode 91: 2017 Highlight Reel

Listen in to episode 91 of The Physical Performance Show as we recap the year that was 2017! In 2017 we were able to sit down with some incredibly talented top physical performers to hear all about the highs, lows and learnings around being at their individual physical best.  Through the show we aim to inspire our listeners to continue in pursuit of their physical best with advice from the worlds top physical performers. So sit back and enjoy our 2017 highlights reel!

This episode features Phil Liggett – The Voice of Cycling, Steve Moneghetti – 4 x Olympian, Commonwealth Games Marathon Champion , Dean Karnazes – Ultra Marathon Man, Bernard Lagat – 5X Olympian, Cassie Fien – Australian Half Marathon Representative & Richard Murray – Super League Triathlon Champion,  World Duathlon Champion, Dual Olympian.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Highlights with Phil Liggett
  • Highlights with Steve Moneghetti
  • Highlights with Dean Karnazes
  • Highlights with Bernard Lagat
  • Highlights with Cassie Fien
  • Highlights with Richard Murray


Phil Liggett
“If you believe truly that you can do it then you will go down fighting no matter what happens”
Steve Moneghetti
“Preparation is the key”
Dean Karnazes
“Living up to your best is a goal everyone should have”
Bernard Lagat
“There is no race that is too strong for me”
Cassie Fien
“H.O.P.E. Hold On Pain Ends”
Richard Murray
“Look at the frequency of training instead of the duration of training”

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Cassie Fien  Steve Moneghetti  Richard Murray Dean Karnazes  


00:00:00 Show Start

00:03:10 1st guest on the highlight reel – Phil Liggett

00:03:55 Phil’s top 3 tips to become a great cyclist

00:07:54 Phil on Lance Armstrong

00:17:40 Brad’s mock commentary call

00:19:07 End of Phil Liggett

00:19:08 Introduction to Steve

00:20:10 Start of Steve

00:20:15 Steve’s toughest competitor

00:21:47 Steve’s mantra

00:25:20 Steve’s sporting bucket list

00:27:52 Steve’s best training advice

00:30:35 Steve’s Physical Challenge

00:32:00 Steve’s prize from Berlin Marathon

00:33:56 End of Steve

00:33:03 Introduction to Dean Karnazes

00:34:24 Start of Dean Karnazes

00:35:35 Where Dean finds his discipline

00:37:20 Dean on his heritage and learning about himself

00:38:20 Dean’s plan for running a marathon around the world

00:40:05 Dean’s quote: Running can rise above it

00:41:15 End of Dean

00:41:20 Introduction to Bernard Lagat

00:43:20 Start of Bernard

00:43:30 Bernard’s top 3 tips for longevity

00:48:18 What fuels Bernard Lagat

00:50:50 Breaking2

00:55:15 Performance round with Bernard Lagat

00:57:18 End of Bernard

00:57:20 Introduction to Cassie Fien

00:58:10 Start of Cassie’s highlights

00:59:15 What scares Cassie

00:59:50 Cassie’s best recovery tips

01:00:45 How Cassie trains without a program

01:04:15 Cassie in the zone

01:08:10 Describing New York Marathon

01:10:30 End of Cassie

01:10:45 Introduction to Richard Murray

01:11:40 Start of Richard Murray’s highlights

01:11:50 Richard’s upbringing and running in no shoes

01:14:25 When Richard felt he had talent

01:16:10 Richard’s first Duathlon

01:17:40 Richard’s start in Triathlon

01:22:00 Richard starting to swim

01:28:56 Richard and his coach

01:31:04 End of Richard Murray

01:31:17 Show close

01:35:50 Show End

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