The Physical Performance Show: Bernard “Kip” Lagat – 5X Olympian, dual Olympic medallist & American record holder

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In episode 77 of The Physical Performance Show Brad Beer shares a conversation with Bernard “Kip” Lagat – 5X Olympian, dual Olympic medallist & American record holder.

Listen as Bernard Lagat takes us on a journey of his career. Starting at the humble beginnings through to the pinnacle of his career Bernard ‘Kip’ Lagat gives us an insight into what it takes to be one of the best runners to step onto the track. During the episode Bernard shares passionately about his running, his life growing up, his experiences at 5 Olympic Games, his race strategies and the highs and lows of his running career including his role in Nikes infamous Breaking2 world record attempt.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Bernard’s childhood
  • Where Bernard’s drive to run came from
  • The legacy of running in Bernard Lagat’s family
  • Bernard’s stand out performances and races
  • Bernard’s toughest competitors
  • Bernard’s mindset around racing and training
  • How Bernard dealt with disappointment throughout his career
  • What fuels Bernard to keep competing
  • Bernard’s next goals
  • Bernard’s best advice
  • Bernard’s Physical Challenge


00:00  Start
02:52  Introduction to Bernard Lagat
04:40 Bernard’s Personal Bests (PBs)
06:07  What scares Bernard Lagat
09:02  Bernard’s life growing up
12:22  Bernard’s inspiration to run
15:12  Bernard’s first Olympic Games: Sydney 200
18:18  Missing the Olympics Games in Atlanta 1996
19:04  Olympic Games Athens 2004 story
22:39  Bernard’s Achilles Tendon injury (click HERE>> to find out more about Achilles Tendinopathies)
25:36  Beijing Olympics 2008: dealing with disappointment
26:28  The lowest point in Bernard’s career
27:52  2009 World Championships: Bernard redeeming himself
28:05  Bernard’s longevity
32:30  Bernard’s performance in Rio Olympics 2016
33:11  Inside Bernard’s mindset
33:33  Top 3 tips for longevity
38:48  What fuels Bernard Lagat to keep running at 41
40:29  Being at Breaking2
41:18  What Bernard said to Eliud Kipchoge at Breaking2
41:45  Behind the scenes of Breaking2
42:32  Self doubt at Breaking2
45:48  Performance Round
55:20  Bernard’s bucket list
56:42  Bernard’s top tip for best physical performance
58:23 Bernard Legat’s dinner table
59:02  Bernard’s idol and inspiration
1:00:40 Bernard’s Physical Challenge
1:06:35 End

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