Episode #78 Luca Turrini: World Record holder for the furthest distance ran on a treadmill

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Luca Turrini

World Record Holder for the furthest distance ran on a treadmill in 24 hours

In this episode of The Physical Performance Show I sit down with Luca Turrini who holds the world record for the longest distance covered on a treadmill in 24 hours. Born in Italy Luca now lives in Sydney where he fundraises and inspires others to make a difference through his passion for running.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

    • What planted the seed for Luca to break the world record
    • The training that went into the event
    • The team that helped Luca on the day
    • The mindset Luca had for the event


0:00 Start

3:55 Start of interview

4:30 The journey to the world record

5:50 Luca’s first 24 hour treadmill attempt

6:34 Luca’s second treadmill – going for the record

7:50 The physical preparation to get ready for the world record

11:42 The day of the world record attempt

14:49 How Luca felt starting the run

15:03 How Luca broke down the 24 hours

16:10 The last hour

17:30 Luca’s nutrition during the event

18:25 The dark periods that came throughout the event

22:19 The end of the record attempt

23:45 The previous record holder Dave Proctor

24:11 Mental vs Physical effort

25:25 Advice from Pat Farmer

27:20 Recovery from the event

28:30 Luca’s best advice

28:56 Where to follow Luca

29:54 End of interview

30:05 Close

30:45 Brad’s You Can Run Pain Free Book

32:04 End

To follow Luca

Personal Website: Luca Turrini
Luca’s non-for profit organisation: Outrun Cancer

Runners involved in breaking the world record:

Male team:

Jeff Hunt

Ben St Lawrence

Martin Dent

Dani Andres

David Criniti

Brendan Davies

Matthew Cox

Luke Schofield

Jayden Schofield

Tm Watts

Jason Ibrahim

Andrew Heyden


Female Team

Laura James

Cassie Fien

Lauren Hamilton

Renee Everett

Fiona Yates

Cathy Liu

Jacqueline O’Connor

Ruth McGuinness

Ellen Waterman

Emily Donker

Sophie Ryan

Lidia Scotto di Vetta


Mixed Team

Olivia Burton

Jennifer Lowry

Allira Salem

Steven Newman

Dave Robertson

Timothy Starkey

Andrew Birdsall

Guy Wilson

Kieran O’Connor

Toby Hedgeland

Luca Caucchioli

Marcel Willems

Stephanie Willems

Lidia Scotto di Vetta

Brad Sutton

Derek Burrows

Gavin Sutton

Christopher Strom

Jonathan Fenton

Jacob Fleming-Gale

Previous podcast guests mentioned:

Episode #8: Caine Eckstein
Episode #25: Martin Dent
Episode #42: Cassie Fien


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