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Pete Jacobs

“I feel relatively invincible compared to the past” – Road to Kona 2017

Listen in as we sit down with Ironman Champion Pete Jacobs. We talk to him about his journey to becoming the Ironman World Champion in 2012 and his preparation for his return to the World Championship in 2017. In this episode we discuss the challenges Pete has faced with fatigue and how he has manipulated his training and diet to manage his fatigue and perform at his best. Pete unpacks everything around his change to the MAF training philosophy, his low carb high fat diet and how this has helped him overcome fatigue and improve his performance.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

    • Pete’s struggle with fatigue
    • Pete’s change in diet
    • Pete’s change in philosophy about training and racing
    • Pete’s 2012 Kona Ironman win
    • Pete’s preparation for Kona 2017
    • Pete’s start in triathlon and Ironman
    • About the MAF training philosophy
    • Pete’s best advice
    • Pete’s Physical Challenge




0:00 Start

3:20 Playback of Pete Jacobs winning the World Ironman Championships in 2012

3:44 Introduction to Pete Jacobs

5:24 Start of interview

6:48 Pete Jacob’s challenges with fatigue

8:45 Changing his diet and training to deal with fatigue

12:18 The fatigue Pete felt

13:48 Being aware of his fatigue and the adaptations Pete makes

13:35 Changing his diet with Phil Maffetone

17:13 Pete’s plate at dinner, lunch and breakfast

18:05 Sponsors, MAF and nutrition for Kona

20:00 Pete’s belief in his abilities

20:55 The frustration of not knowing what was wrong

21:50 The importance of clarity and a clear diagnosis

22:15 The perspective Pete learnt from the hard times

22:00 Talking about MAF training: Maximum Aerobic Function

30:25 Talking race day in 2017

31:02 Race day 2017: nutrition strategy

32:35 Talking Ironman World Championships 2012: The victory

33:38 Ironman World Championships 2011: The fight for second place

34:50 Switching his mindset: from wanting to win to knowing he can win

35:40 Separating your mind from what you are doing: Ken Ware

39:38 Origins in triathlon

43:02 Listener question: core strength and body maintenance

47:20 Performance Round with Pete Jacobs

54:00 Goals for Ironman World Championship 2017

54:29 Pete Jacob’s in the zone

56:10 Pete Jacob’s best advice

1:00:43 Live Your Own Fit : Jaimielle & Pete Jacobs Business

01:01:23 Where to follow Pete on his road to World Championships 2017

01:02:00 Jamie’s words to Pete at the end of the Ironman world Championships 2012

01:02:41 Close

01:07:17 End


To follow Pete Jacobs:

Facebook: Pete Jacobs
Instagram: petejjacobs
Twitter: @petejjacobs

Pete’s Business

Live Your Own Fit

A team of experienced athletes and qualified practitioners who are ready toto support you in reaching your health and performance goals and take your fitness to a whole new level.

Pete Jacob’s Sponsors:

Pete’s Physical Challenge:


Pete’s Support Network:

Jaimielle Jacobs (wife) – Live Your Own Fit

John Maclean – The John Maclean Foundation

Rob DeCastella – The Marathon Project

Phil Maffetone – Founder of MAF

Ian O’Dwyer – OD Movement

Robin Kerr – Body maintenance

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