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Episode 90: Clay Dawson Sub 2:30 Marathon Runner & Teacher

Listen in to episode #90 of The Physical Performance Show as Brad Beer sits down with Clay Dawson – 3X Sub 2:30 Marathon Runner. Clay is an accomplished runner who in 2017 ran 3 sub 2:30 marathons across 6 weeks. Clay shares around why he runs and what led him to start running. Clay also shares around the importance of physical activity for mental health and how he learnt to deal with the nerves and anxiety he faced before racing. Clay also works as a high school teacher and is married with one son.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Clay’s background in running
  • Why Clay started running
  • Running in Canada
  • Clay’s secrets to running a sub 2:30 marathon
  • Performance Round
  • Best Advice


“Running keeps me happy”

“You’re more capable than you give yourself credit for”

“Be aware of what your training is for”

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01:00 Show introduction

3:05 Start of interview

5:30 Clay’s background in running

7:40 Clay’s involvement in an obesity study

9:30 When Clay decided to start running

10:50 Clay’s year of yes

13:50 Running in Canada

15:00 Clay’s first marathon

17:00 Secrets to a 2:32 marathon – running volume and key sessions

18:30 Clay’s 2017 year in running – training and races

33:00 Taking days off

35:25 Performance Round

40:50 Show break

42:10 Clay’s Mantra

49:20 Clay’s bucket List

52:00 Clay’s dinner table

55:15 Clay’s career in comedy

56:50 Show close

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