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Episode 89: Brendan Davies – Australian Male Ultra Runner of the Year

Listen in to episode #89 of The Physical Performance Show as Brad Beer sits down with Brendan Davies – current Australian Male Ultra Runner of the Year. Brendan shares around his unique genesis story in running, starting in little athletics before giving it up to start team sports and pursue his career as a teacher. We hear about Brendan’s transformation once he started running and his first ultra running experience which led him to finding his passion and becoming a successful ultra runner for Australia. Brendan also unpacks his coaching philosophies and his goals with his coaching group UP Coaching.

About Brendan:

Brendan has represented Australia in 50km and 100km road running, trail and mountain running. Brendan competes competitively in events ranging from 5km to ultra distances. Brendan is a qualified teacher and running coach with his training group Up Coaching.  His career highlights include a Top 10 finish at Western States Endurance Run, Top 5 at Ultra Trail-Mt Fuji, Top 20 at Comrades Marathon, Top 10 at the IAAF/IAU 100km World Championship and many domestic wins in Australia, including Ultra-Trail Australia (previously TNF100). He has represented New South Wales 3 times in the Australian Marathon Championships and in 2015 was NSW Marathon Champion.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Philosophies around his own performance
  • How to run fast and long
  • Coaching philosophies and joys from coaching
  • World Trail Run Series
  • Origins of Brendan’s running career
  • Performance Round
  • Best Advice


“Train hard to race easy”

“This is meant to be tough but I am tougher”

“Stay patient, relax and make it feel easy”

“You have to build your aerobic capacity through long easy runs”

“Always make sure you get your long run done”

To follow Brendan:

UP Coaching:

Website: Up Coaching
Facebook: @UpCoachingAU
Instagram: @upcoaching

Brendan’s Supporters and Sponsors:



00:00:33 Introduction

00:01:05 Show start

00:06:55 Genesis story into running

00:16:19 Brendan’s transformation when he started running

00:18:10 Talking racing: Brendan’s first race

00:19:17 The trail running boom

00:21:29 Why Brendan started entered his first race

00:25:05 Selection in the Australian 100km team

00:29:04 Show break

00:31:05 Brendan’s favourite result

00:35:53 The Ultra World Tour

00:38:00 Road 100km results

00:38:56 Nutrition strategy on the trails

00:40:40 Show flashback

00:42:14 Performance Round

00:55:55 UP Coaching

00:58:40 Best advice

00:59:56 Brendan’s bucket list

00:01:55 Brendan’s dinner table

01:04:10 Brendan coming to run Mudgeeraba Parkrun

01:04:54 Brendan’s Physical Challenge

01:06:00 Where to find Brendan

01:07:34 Tagged athlere Kelly Emerson

01:08:45 Show close

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