The Physical Performance Show: Lucy Bartholomew – Ultra Trail AUS Champion

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Episode 88: Lucy Bartholomew – Ultra Trail Australia Champion

Listen in as Brad Beer sits down with Lucy Bartholomew in a fun and refreshing episode of The Physical Performance Show. At 21 years old Lucy’s accomplishments in trail running are inspiring including her recent wins in the Ultra Trail Australia Championships (100km) race and Ultra Trail Cape Town in South Africa. Lucy shares around how she started trail running with her dad, her first trail run and the backlash she received for competing in a 100km race at the tender age of 16, how running became more important then school, her breakthrough race, funny training moments, her worst injuries and what she has learnt from the spot. Lucy has an infectious passion for trail running which you can hear throughout the interview that will make you want to explore the trail running world.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Origins in the sport
  • Lucy’s inspiration to start trail running
  • Lucy’s unique training philosophy
  • Funny training stories with Kilian Jornet
  • Lucy’s best advice
  • Lucy’s mantra
  • Performance Round

To follow Lucy:

Website: Lucy Batholomew

Twitter: @lucybartholomoo

Facebook: @lucybartholomew17

Instagram: lucy_bartholomew

Lucy’s recipes

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00:01:10 Start of Show

00:02:00 Introduction to Lucy

00:03:55 Start of interview

00:05:20 Lucy’s scariest moment on a trial with Kilean Jornett

00:07:30 How Lucy met Kilean

00:08:20 Lucy’s formative years

00:09:35 How she fell into trail running

00:12:40 How her Dad started trail running

00:14:20 First Ultra Trail run at age 16

00:18:50 The Big Red Run

00:22:35 Lucy’s running week when starting running

00:24:20 Lucy’s school running balance in year 12

00:26:00 Bonking and nutrition

00:26:55 Lucy’s trail running nutrition

00:29:35 Show break

00:31:31 Back to interview

00:33:37 Lucy’s major races and breakthroughs

00:37:32 Lucy’s most significant accomplishment

00:41:35 Who is in Lucy’s corner

00:44:08 Show break

00:45:54 Back to interview

00:46:17 Lucy’s first 30 minutes of the day

00:47:37 Lucy in the gym

00:49:55 Lucy’s Performance Round

00:54:45 Lucy’s bucketlist

00:55:30 Lucy’s dream race

00:55:57 Lucy’s love for cooking

00:56:52 Lucy’s current training week

00:57:55 Lucy’s best advice

00:58:33 Lucy’s dinner table

00:59:50 Physical Challenge

01:00:25 Lucy on social

01:01:35 End of interview

01:04:44 End

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