The Physical Performance Show: Steve Moneghetti – 4 x Olympian, Commonwealth Games Marathon Champion

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Steve Moneghetti

Episode 54: Steve Moneghetti – 4 x Olympian, Commonwealth Games Marathon Champion

Brad Beer recently sat down with Steve Moneghetti – 4 x Olympian, Commonwealth Games Marathon Champion for Episode 54 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

Brad has a fire-side chat with Steve who unpacks the transition from international running to a series of what he fondly refers to as personal worst times. He shares who inspires him as an athlete, the toughest athlete he competed against, his most loved and toughest sessions and some great insights into pursuing your best as a runner.

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In this episode Steve shares:

  • Steve Moneghetti’s Bio
  • Most memorable opening ceremony
  • Biggest Fear
  • Running Technique
  • Running a half Marathon
  • What Steve loves about running
  • Running longer distances
  • Meeting Rob De Castella
  • Setting Barriers
  • Setbacks in running
  • Training and Coaching Success
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Toughest Competitor
  • Worst Injury
  • Steve’s personal worst times
  • Physical Challenge

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Steve Moneghetti Steve Moneghetti


0:00 Start
7:30: Steve Moneghetti’s Bio
10:40 Most memorable opening ceremony
12:20 Biggest Fear
18:00 Running Technique
20:00 Running a half Marathon
28:00 What Steve loves about running
33:00 Running longer distances
39:30 Meeting Rob De Castella
48:00 Setting Barriers
51:00 Set backs in running
57:30 Training and Coaching Success
59:00 Performance Round Questions
67:30 Toughest Competitor
72:40 Worst Injury
78:00 Steve’s personal worst times
81:30 Physical Challenge
91:33 Finish

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