Calf Raises for Calf Strength

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Calf Raises

Calf raises are an essential part of any runners strength program. Calf raises are a great exercise for gastrocnemius strengthening, when done correctly.

Avoid these 2 really common errors when doing calf raises:

1) Going too quickly – slow controlled time under load is key, take your time to get the most out of the exercise.

2) Rolling out at the top – this means we aren’t getting quality loading of the medial gastrocnemius, so focus on pushing through your first and second toe!

Remember – go slow, heavy and controlled for strong calves!


Hey guys Lewis here from POGO. Today we are doing calf raises a vital part of any runners strength program. Now important when you’re doing your calf raises to avoid the 2 key faults that I see people doing . First of all is going far too quickly. We want longer time under tension rather then really quick ones. The second is to not focus on the inside aspect of your calf – people rolling outwards as they reach the top of the calf raise. What we do want instead is to go nice and slow on the way down and then focusing on pushing through that first and second toe at the top – now I’m fatigued from this morning! And remember to go heavy with you calf raises.


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  • Daryl

    Hi Lewis. Thanks for the post. Just wanted to ask about the “go heavy with your calf raises” statement. What would you recommend as the max reps? So if doing more than that I should increase weight?

    • Sophie Walker

      Thanks for your question, it is a very general statement. I’d aim for your 8 repetition maximum, so if you can complete 3 sets of 8 reps at a given weight then increase the weight. You should find that by the 3rd set of 8 you are fatigued. Ensuring that you keep it slow and controlled and ensure you push through the first two toes.

      • Daryl

        OK – thanks again.

  • John Smith

    Thanks for sharing the blog post about calf raises. You mentioned the right errors which usually happens at that time. Keep sharing such information.

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