Hip pain: ‘start up pain’

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Hip Pain: In this video POGO Physio Jacob Taylor outlines what pain in the anterior aspect (front) of the hip experienced with going from sitting to standing, and at the start of walking can actually mean.

In physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine we refer to this pain as ‘start-up’ pain.

If you are experiencing this pain see your local physiotherapist for asessment, diagnosis, and possible plain film imaging.


Hi guys, Jacob here from POGO Physiotherapy! Just a quick on about hips today. If you are getting any start up pain or any hip pain at the front often that can present as pain when we are going from sitting up to standing, so if that is you and you are getting pain going from sitting to standing I definitely recommend you see your local Physiotherapist. Often that pain can be caused by something to do with the hip joint at the front of the hip. Often it can be some Osteoarthritis at the front of the hip or it can be some joining type changes through the front.  Do not put up with it, do something about it and see your local Physio.

Jacob Taylor (APAM)


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