How to Relieve Lower Back Pain – Knee Rocks

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Here is a great exercise to help relieve lower back pain, called knee rocks.  Knee rocks are a gentle exercise that can help warm everything up, especially if you suffer from lower back pain in the mornings.


Hi guys, Emily from Pogo Physio here. Today just going to go through an exercise called knee rocks. Some of you would experience, with back pain, the mornings can be the worst and you wake up feeling really stiff. This is just a gentle exercise to help warm everything up.

In the mornings you wake up, I want you to just gently pull in through your tummy, support through there and bend your knees. From there you’re just going to gently rock your knees from side to side. We’re not bending all the way over, just really gentle in a mid range there. I don’t mind how many you do of these, you can do 20, you can do 100, the important thing is that you’re just warming up through your back and getting yourself ready for the day ahead.

Emily Georgopolous (APAM)


 Emily Georgopuolos Physiotherapist

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