How to Relieve Lower Back Pain – McKenzie Extensions (cobras)

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Hi, Lewis here from POGO Physio and I am going to show you a nice little exercise in this episode of lower back pain. It is commonly known as McKenzie Extsions or a Cobra. This is probably best for someone that does not like forward bending positions that tends to increase their pain or longer periods of sitting but prefers short walks or being upstanding that tends to help with their pain. This exercise can be done when standing with your hands on your hips and generally leaning backwards and then repeating that same movement 10 times. If you are having any symptoms down the back of your legs we are looking for those symptoms to move more towards your back and that is actually a good sign. Commonly this exercise is probably easiest when you are laying down. Begin with forearms out in front of you and pushing up through your arms into an extended position through your back but not pushing or lifting up with my back muscles at all. My back is nice and relaxed and I am pushing through my forearms. Again looking for any leg symptoms or pain to move towards my back or the easing of symptoms. And then progressing from this position we can go all the way up into further extension as far as you are able to and this can be repeated up to ten times. I hope you find that helps. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact POGO Physio.

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