Eccentric Tennis Elbow Exercise

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Eccentric Tennis Elbow

This is a terrific eccentric exercise for lateral elbow pain that emanates from the forearm extensor muscle group such as:

– tennis elbow
– tendinopathy
– tendonisis
– tendon tendon tears

Aim to complete 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

Ideally you will feel discomfort (low level) on the last set of 12 reps.

If it occurs sooner than it indicates that he weight maybe too heavy.


Drew is demonstrating the eccentric elbow exercise coming up, palm down, and then lowering down. Working on three lots of twelve reps and you should only feel pain, strain, or discomfort on the last set of twelve reps. This is perfect for tennis elbow rehabilitation and any elbow extensor tendinopathy or tendinosis.

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