Hamstring release through massage

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Inside Sato’s treatment room: Hamstring release

Hi guys, it’s Sato here from Pogo Physio. For those who are curious to see what my massage treatment is like I’m going to give you an insight through my vlog below. This vlog focuses on how I perform a hamstring release. Treatment on the hamstring muscles is not only beneficial for athletes but even office workers or people who spend long hours sitting down. This is because when we are sitting our hamstrings are in a shortened position. By receiving this type of treatment the hamstrings are lengthened and released. As you can see, after applying some sort of oil or cream, I start massaging with a few long warm-up strokes then get into a bit more specific into trigger points or myofascial releasing.   If you think you need this treatment, make sure to book yourself in with me!

Sato Ashida
Accredited Remedial Massage Therapist


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  • Melissa

    Good massage for a hamstring release! I.like your video Sato! Thankyou for sharing! Do you have a video on massaging sciatica ?

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