What are Active Rehabilitation Classes?

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At POGO Physio we run daily group exercise classes to help our clients recover from pain and injury, rehabilitate injuries and achieve their health and performance goals. Here we discuss what these classes are and how they may be suitable for you and your goals.

At POGO our classes are called ‘Active Rehabilitation Classes.’ These classes are run by one of our Physiotherapists with up to four people attending per class. Each participant in the class will be completing an individualised program depending upon their rehabilitation or performance needs. This means that the whole class is not completing the same exercise at the same time, which occurs in some group exercise sessions.

Due to the individualised nature of the classes each person is recommended to have a physiotherapy consultation prior to commencing classes. This enables a thorough history to be taken, baseline measures to be made, exercise and resistance selection choices to be made. It will also help you become familiar with the exercises and equipment that will be included in the classes and general class ‘housekeeping’ (such as bringing towels, where to store items and cleaning equipment). The exercises and resistance will then be progressed or modified over the coming weeks as you move towards your intended finish line.

We routinely used these supervised classes as it has a host of benefits in the rehabilitation or performance space. These may include;

  • Use of equipment unavailable at home or in your gym environment
  • Heavier weights and training loads necessary for tissue adaptation (eg tendons)
  • Closer monitoring of technique and form (able to modify if painful or uncomfortable)
  • Enjoyable group training setting
  • Accountability
  • Supervised training has had superior outcomes and been recommended for runners with less strength training experience (Blagrove 2016).

The classes incorporate the use of a variety of different weights and equipment depending on what best suits individual needs. The classes are set around utilising pilates reformers with numerous other pieces of equipment. These may include:

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Dumbbell Free Weights (up to 20kg Dbs)
  • Kettlebell
  • Trapeze Table
  • Wunda Chair
  • Nordbord (Nordic) Hamstring Strengthening
  • Mat Exercises
  • Swiss and Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Resistance Bands
  • Treadmill and Spin Bike

Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation

The classes are forty five minutes in duration and run at numerous times throughout the day between 7:30 AM and last class concluding at 7PM. A link to view our class timetable is here and an initial consultation can be made here. Classes are fully health fund rebatable under physiotherapy and billed at $35 per class with numerous reduced pack options available. Our admin and Physiotherapy staff are happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding Active Rehabilitation Classes.



Lewis Craig (APAM)
POGO Physiotherapist
Masters of Physiotherapy

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  • Blagrove, R. C., Howatson, G., & Hayes, P. R. (2018). Effects of strength training on the physiological determinants of middle-and long-distance running performance: a systematic review. Sports medicine, 48(5), 1117-1149.

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