Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercise – lower traps

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Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercise – lower traps – with Physiotherapist Brad Beer


Hi guys, today we are going to have a look at an exercise called the Darts. As in darts – throwing them on the board. This is all about activating and lower level strengthening of the muscles between the shoulder blades. You have got the rhomboids and you also have the lower traps through here as well. So there is a couple of progressions let’s have a look at the first one. Lying on your stomach where you simply lift up and squeeze the blades together and back down.  The head just stays in neutral looking down at the mat, squeeze, hold, and relax.  Working on 3 lots of 12 repetitions with 3 second holds. That is level 1.

Level 2 is with the hands out to the side and we simply lift the chest up, squeeze the blades together, and lower back down.   Lift up, squeeze, and back down for 12 repetitions.

Lastly the third progression – the last progression – is to lift up, arms up and back down. Lift up, back down. So they are called the darts.  Have fun with them and catch you next time.


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