Wrist and forearm stretches

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Wrist and forearm stretches – with physiotherapist Jacob Taylor


Hi guys Jacob here from POGO Physio, just going to show you on a way you can really work stretching your elbow muscles and your wrist muscles. If you do any manual activity such as typing, or anything using your hands – hammering, building or just in most occupations or jobs you are going to use your hands and your elbows – so it’s really important we maintain good range of motion of those muscles so that you don’t end up getting an overload issue of your tendon commonly called tennis elbow which can be quite common in the population.

So the way we do these is your wrist extended, fingers down, other hand on the top and we are going to gently pull that with a straight elbow.  You should feel a stretch up through the extensor muscles up through the top there. Hold for 1 minute.

Then for the other one which is the flexes on the front side – same deal, fingers down, gently pressure and you will feel a little stretch in the front of your forearm.

So both exercises, fingers down, hold for 1 minute each and we should be after a little stretch here no pain at the wrist.  Keep stretching guys.

Jacob Taylor (APAM)


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