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Hi guys, Brad here.

I just wanted to show you today a great advanced level running stability/strength exercise. It is also a great lower limb rehabilitation exercise used at the more advanced levels. It is a single leg sit to stand, which some of you may have seen in the past from me, but this has got a little bit of progression at the end.

Your typical sit to stand is on one leg down and up on one leg, nice and balanced, and sitting back down. The advanced version we are going to look at today is with some dumbbells.  Start with lighter dumbbells and come up in an open press and sitting back down.  So, coming up then up into an overhead press and then back down. That was with the lighter weights, I had 2kg there but you can progress with time to heavier weights such as 5kg or 10kg. I am being quite ambitious here so let’s see how I go. I am going to push up into an overhead press and then back down. That was with the heavier weights and I won’t do too many of those.

Three sets of 6 to 12 reps and that should sort out your lower limb strength issues. Have fun with them and bye for now.

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Brad Beer (APAM)

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