How to treat and prevent bone stress injuries in runners & triathletes

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Bone Stress Injuries

Bone stress injuries (BSI) are common amongst runners. 0.7-20% of all sports medicine injuries that present to clinicians are bone stress injuries.

When it comes to running various papers agree that the annual incidence of  BSI is in the vicinity of 20%.

Meanwhile an athlete who has a  history of bone stress injury is at elevated  risk for a subsequent bone stress injury.  Both male and female runners with a prior stress fracture were shown to have heightened risk for further bone stress injury.  It has been documented that 10.3-12.6% of runners who have a history of BSI sustained a second BSI within 2yrs.

In June 2020 APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist and Super League Triathlon Series Head Physiotherapist Brad Beer presented a webinar for Triathlon Victoria on the topic of bone stress injury treatment and prevention for triathletes.


Bone Stress Injuries

Learnings areas covered throughout the presentation include:

  • what is a bone stress injury?
  • how common are bone stress injuries?
  • what causes bone stress injury?
  • risk factors for bone stress injury
  • how to identify a bone stress injury
  • energy availability for triathletes
  • triathlete bone health considerations
  • the masters athlete considerations
  • the junior athlete considerations
  • how to rehabilitate bone stress injuries

The below webinar recording is viewable below.


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