Gluteus Medius Exercise great for Runners and Knee Pain

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Hi everyone, Emily from POGO Physio here.  Just wanted to show you an exercise that I give out quite commonly that helps to activate the muscles in your hip which is called your gluteus medius.

I’ve had a few people comment lately that it’s a lot harder than they realised.   So it’s one of my favourite exercises to give, It’s especially good for some knee pain cases just because it helps get the hip stabilisers working which takes the pressure off your knee.  So, the exercise is side lying leg raises.  So you’re going to lie on your side, you can rest your head down, lie on your elbow.  You’re going to just slightly roll forward and then in a controlled manner just lifting your leg up and down.  I recommend starting with three lots of twenty.  If you are quite weak you might start with one lot of twenty each side and slowly build up and eventually you want to be able to do between thirty and fifty of these.  You want to keep a little bit tight through your abs so your pelvis isn’t rocking around.  If you roll too far back it’s more of a quad exercise, so if you’re not feeling it in your hip or in your bottom you just want to slightly roll forward and that’s going to help target that muscle more.

So if you have knee pain or any questions about glut med strengthening exercises just leave a little comment underneath, we’d love to hear from you.  Thanks guys.

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