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Hi everyone Emily from POGO Physio here.

Thursday I’m heading to Greece which is a 24 hour travel to get there. So I wanted to go through a few of the physio essentials that I’m going to be taking on the flight with me.

One is my pocket physio, so this is a self-trigger or self massage device so I’ll be able to use it to help release the muscles through my neck and through my back and stop myself from getting tight.

The second one I will be taking some physio cream. This is just a heat rub with a bit of arnica flour in it which is actually a natural anti-inflammatory so I will be able to pop that through my neck and shoulders because you know when you fall asleep in a chair and get tight – so that is going to help prevent that.

My last one is these flexi heat patches. This is a self-adhesive heat patch that provides twelve hours of just a warm nice heat so I will be able to pop that on my back and stop my back from getting sore while I’m sitting on the flight.

Those are my 3 travel essentials for heading to Greece!


Emily Georgopolous (APAM)


 Emily Georgopuolos Physiotherapist

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