How to stretch your Quads and Hip Flexors

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Hi guys, Brad from POGO Physio here today to demonstrate the best quadriceps or quad stretch/hip flexor stretch under the sun. It looks like this and I will just take my shoe off. You need to find a wall and you simply come back on your knees, one foot up the wall and the other foot comes forwards and tuck your bottom under. Hold this stretch with your foot underneath your knee at the front making sure that’s 90 degrees and tucking your bottom under and holing that for a good one minute. It is no good holding the stretch for less than a minute because it won’t be effective. You then simply swap sides and do the same on the other side. If you need to you can hang onto a chair at home and do also note that if you are very tight in your quads and hip flexors you can simply come out a little bit further from the wall. Your toes need to be up the wall and not curled the other way. So that is the gold standard hip flexor quad stretch.  Enjoy!

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